Leonid Lubenko

Rendering engineer and game developer. I'm working more than 7 years in game development and 6 years of experience with computer graphics.

Interested in 2D/3D graphics, especially in rendering techniques. Having advanced 3D and 2D math skills, as well as DirectX/OpenGL and HLSL/GLSL.

Have you got ideas? I'm ready to communicate with you.

Program languages
Language Level Experience
C++ 98/11 Intermediate 3 years
Java Intermediate 2 years
C# (in the main .NET 4.0) Right-on 6 years
Developement (graphics)
Skill Level Experience
DirectX 11 API Advanced 4 years
OpenGL Intermediate 2 years
DirectX 9 API Upper intermediate 3 years
HLSL (9.1 - 11.0) Advanced 6 years
GLSL (4.3 profile) Advanced 2 years
Key Value
Languages Russian (native), English (technical, speaking intermediate)
Education Applied Informatics (higher)
Showcase: cloudscape system
Multi-layered clouds with support for regional weather

Showcase: water system
Water system featuring deferred renderning featuring adaptive hardware tessellation
Beaufort scale from 0 to 12

3D ship wake effects (bow and stern waves) with physical interaction

Sunshafts, Ambient subsurface scattering, underwater rendering